DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD an aliphatic polyurethane coating that is fluid applied and provides seamless waterproofing that can be used over acrylic coatings, epoxy coatings, urethane coatings and other previously coated roof and walking deck surface or can be used over plywood, concrete, steel and other construction materials.  (Consult Duracool Technical Department for further assistance.)

DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD single component water-based sealant, therefore has no noxious fumes and cleans up with soap and water.  This unique linear chemistry provides the user a high-performance, flexible, roof traffic wearing resistance and doesn’t require a catalyst, therefore no hazardous free-isocyanates.  Amazingly the water-based vehicle cross-links during the evaporation process curing within 24 to 48 hours.  Inter-coat adhesion is great therefore multiple applications/coats may be applied depending on customers need.

DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD is formed in a reactor and undergoes Nano-Processing.  DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD is not reducible by solvents or any oil based products on the market.  Due to the reactor process all hazardous aliphatic isocyanates are polymerized into a safe pre-polymer, eliminating all free-isocyanates.  A proprietary product.

DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD provides outstanding durability and toughness for walls, floors, tanks, equipment, food processing plants, boats, bridges, roofs and buildings.  DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD is safe and easy to use.  Anywhere a high-performance coating system or finished paint is required; OMNI-CLAD will meet the need. DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD May be used with polyester reinforcement fabric and other approved Duracool products. DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD comes clear or white (Special color available but may be an extra cost)


When using spray method Duracool recommends 3,000 psi high pressure sprayer at 2.5 gallon p/m or better. Duracool recommends when using a roll method of application a 3/8” to ½” nap accompanied with a 2 to 6 inch brush for details as needed.  When embedding polyester reinforcement use rate is 2 gallon per 100 square feet.  When just coating; use rate can vary 1 to 2 gallon per 100 square feet. DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD may be used as a base coat, inter-mediate coat and a finish coat.  There is a recommended primer before using DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD; over concrete DURACOOL recommends HP Primer.  Over all other surfaces DURACOOL recommends DURACOOL OMNI-CLAD Primer (clear water base.)


10 years


5 gallons pail, 55 gallons drums. Please call for a price of over 400 gallons and freight