Duracool DS White Coating

Duracool DS White Coating


Duracool DS White Coating is a proprietary blend of polymers.  This is an oil-based product.  Duracool DS  White Coating flashes leaving a non-breathing, heat-reducing, monolithic, Energy Star and CRRC listed coating.  It forms a water-repellent surface that easily cleans while resisting microorganisms.  Performs under standing water better than all other water-based coatings.


This product may be applied over most roofing materials such as metal, BUR, Modified Asphalt Membranes, and Single-Plies. 


Roof Insulation and roof surface to be treated must be clean and dry.   If necessary, remove all dirt, grease, loose debris and residue before applying.  Duracool DS White Coating may be applied with a roller, squeegee, brush or sprayer.   Apply at the rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet per pass, depending on the warranty level desired.   When applying to thermoplastics, concrete or other masonry surfaces, use a recommended primer.  Apply evenly at a surface temperature of 30° F or greater.


Energy Savings, Freeze Resistant, Flexible, Waterproofs, Cleans Easily, Can Be Tinted, Prevents Rust.


10 years


5 gallons pail, 55 gallons drums. Please call for a price of over 400 gallons and freight