Duracool HS T2S Activator

Duracool HS T2S Activator


Duracool HS T2S Activator is a water-based catalyst designed to be used with Duracool HS T2S products.  This activator solution must be mixed before use.  Be sure to stir solids off bottom of container before use.  Duracool HS T2S Activator is environmentally friendly ~ non pollutant.


Duracool HS T2S Activator is exclusively designed to draw water out Duracool HS T2S products and treats moisture on the roof with antifreeze to eliminate cold wall blister formation.


Duracool HS T2S Activator is to be spray applied only.  Spray/mist activator over applied Duracool HS coatings within 3 minutes of the coating being applied for best results. Multiple coating layers can be applied by sprayer with activator misted over coating.  It is recommended to spray apply both coatings and activator.  Gently apply using low pressure, multiple coats of Duracool HS T2S over first coat, coating each pass of coating with activator.


Increases Productivity, Non-Toxic, Easy Clean Up, Extends Workday


10 years


5 gallons pail. Please call for a price of over 400 gallons and freight