Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor

Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor


Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor is an emulsion of high-grade acrylics and resins in water.  It contains no co-solvents and will dry by evaporation to yield a tough, water repellent surface with exceptional abrasion resistance and ultra-violet light stability. Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor incorporates state-of-the -art chemistry to prime metal surfaces, stopping rust dead in its tracks.  The combination of ingredients in Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor employ three mechanisms to neutralize rust and prevent its recurrence.  First, Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor interrupts the electro-chemical oxidation process at the positive pole or anode, preventing oxidation.  Second, Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor acts as an alkaline buffer, counteracting certain acids which can accelerate formation of rust.  Third, as an elastomer, Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor forms a tough, elastic barrier between the metal and the atmosphere, isolating the surface from the oxygen required to create rust.


The surface should be clean, dry and sound.  Existing surface dirt, oil, tar, grease, and the film should be removed from the surface by approved methods prior to the application of Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor (see specification for Metal roofing).  Duracool HS Rust Inhibitor can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment.  It should be applied evenly without buildup.  Multiple coats are recommended.


No organic co-solvents, Abrasion-resistant, Launderable, Non-Toxic, Labor, time, and cost-saving, Easy clean up with soap and water Flexible.


10 years


5 gallons pail, 55 gallons drums. Please call for a price of over 400 gallons and freight