Duracool DS Rust Inhibitor

Duracool DS Rust Inhibitor


Duracool DS Rust Inhibitor is a solvent-based primer that protects metal from rust and corrosion.  It is a proprietary blend of polymers which may be applied using a glove, roller, brush, or sprayer.  Duracool DS Rust Inhibitor forms a water-repellent surface that resists microorganisms, oxidation and dirt build-up once it is cured.


Duracool DS Rust Inhibitor may be applied to all types of metal. 


Surface must be clean and dry.  All dirt and loose surface particles should be removed. 

Apply at a rate of .50 - 1.00 gallons per 100 square feet per pass - depending on how much rust is resent.  Can be applied with a sprayer, brush, glove, or roller.  Apply evenly at a surface temperature of 30° F or greater.


Easy To Apply, Cleans Easily, Dries To Solid Finish, Flexible, Prevents Rust, Dries in Humid, Damp Conditions, Excellent Adhesion, Freeze Resistant.


10 years


5 gallons pail, 55 gallons drums. Please call for a price of over 400 gallons and freight.