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DURACOOL is a 100% acrylic white elastomeric roof coating that is water-based and has a design life of 12-15 years.
DURACOOL Bright white, Radiation-Control Roof Coating is applied to existing surfaces,


DURACOOL is a white mastic Elastomeric Roof Coating, made with superior elastomeric acrylic polymers. Will not crack, peel or flake over the life of the product. Contains a strong mildewcide / fungicide.


DURACOOl Protects, preserves and typically reflects 80-85% of the suns energy reducing the overall temperature by up to 10 degrees. Cooler roof surface temperatures mean less heat is transferred to the building below.

A Long, Cool Life For Roofs Start With Duracool

Keeping Commercial Roofs Cool Since 1984

Have you been looking for a cost-effective, sustainable cool roofing system that will perform and protect your commercial building indefinitely?  Duracool Coatings, a Cool Roofing Company & Manufacturer has a high-performance, waterproofing cool roof product that will keep your roof cool, dry and leak-free.  This Patented product is custom installed to meet your roof’s specific needs.  Once installed, your new cool roof will be water-tight, sealed and reflect up to 85% of the suns energy thus keeping your building cooler. Not only will you enjoy dryer, cooler roof Duracool Coatings is fully compliant with state and federal codes and energy conservation programs.

Duracool Coatings has been in business since 1984 and we have been manufacturing the highest quality 100% acrylic white elastomeric roof coating available since then. Additionally we have been the business of installing roof coatings since 1984. This means that we are able to thoroughly discuss the use of our products with our customers. It also means that we keep a constant check on the performance and quality of our products. This combination is unique in the industry.

Offering Superior, Leak-Free Cool Roofing Systems while Reducing Energy Costs


Reflects Up To


Of The Suns Energy


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